How We Work Page

We’re in the business of ideas.

As an innovation hub for cancer research, FACIT brings together scientists, partner institutions and other key players involved in the commercialization of life science innovations in Ontario – with the goal of helping inventors and researchers transform cancer innovations into viable opportunities.

We take the most promising ideas and discoveries in the fight against cancer and help turn them into marketable products and services.

What We Do

We know cancer. We know business. And we know how to bridge both. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and commitment to the value of commercialization, we support inventors and researchers in capitalizing on their cancer related innovations. And through our expertise in identifying and facilitating the most promising inventions, we help investors reduce the risk of their early-stage involvement. The FACIT team has the breadth of expertise and experience to assist with:

  • Technology Assessment

    to help identify the most commercially or clinically promising ideas.

  • Project Development

    to help implement a project through all necessary steps in order to reach market.

  • Embedded Management

    working directly within a team to provide the guidance and resources help to strike a deal or launch a company.

  • Business Intelligence and Strategies

    providing expert advice, insight and management processes to successfully bring an idea to market.

  • Business Development

    connecting researchers and inventors with the right partners, and providing guidance on structuring deals and licensing ideas.


FACIT strategically invests in the most promising technologies arising from Ontario’s outstanding research base. For more information on our investment approach and funding opportunities, please see funding.