IPDC Fund: Turning promise into possibilities.

The Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization (IPDC) Fund makes it possible for Ontario’s cancer research innovators to realize the commercial possibilities of their inventions by supporting early stage development projects.

A common bottleneck to the commercialization of innovative technologies is the scarcity of funding to support early stage applied research and development. Moreover, the funding gap between traditional public granting agencies and private investors continues to widen.

FACIT’s IPDC fund is designed to address/bridge these funding gaps and support cancer-related, early stage commercialization activities. These include: proof-of-concept (POC), validation, standard operating procedures, market analyses, IP protection and acquisition, expert guidance and management.

The IPDC fund encourages collaborative working relationships among institutions, investigators, commercial partners and investors. This aligns with FACIT’s objective of cultivating maximum participation of Ontario organizations in the development, commercialization and utilization of inventions arising from FACIT activities (an “Ontario First” Policy). The IPDC fund aims to anchor and scale biotechs in Ontario, and attract investment to the province.

IPDC Fund Attributes

Investments typically range between $1M and $5M, dispersed in tranches based on achieving pre-established milestones during the planned development, contingent upon satisfactory annual reviews by FACIT (please note, these are not grants). In exchange, FACIT receives consideration by way of various mechanisms (e.g. royalty on revenue, equity and/or convertible debenture) depending on the type of project and applicant. All applications will be reviewed by FACIT as well as appropriate external reviewers selected from academic and business communities.

How to Apply

Select IPDC Funded Projects

Cellax Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cancer Treatment

CellaxTM is a drug-polymer conjugate nanoparticle that when injected, selectively accumulates in tumours resulting in increased therapeutic benefits and reduced side effects.

Cellax Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cancer TreatmentCellax Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cancer Treatment

Fluorinov Pharma Inc. (acquired by Trillium Therapeutics)

This novel, best-in-class orally bioavailable proteosome inhibitor is being developed for the treatment of multiple myeloma and other cancers.

Fluorinov Pharma Inc. (acquired by Trillium Therapeutics)Fluorinov Pharma Inc. (acquired by Trillium Therapeutics)

DVS Sciences Inc. (acquired by Fluidigm Sciences)

A unique analytical instrument for high throughput and highly multiplexed analyses of biomarkers for research, clinical trials and personalized medicine.

DVS Sciences Inc. (acquired by Fluidigm Sciences)DVS Sciences Inc. (acquired by Fluidigm Sciences)

Turnstone Biologics Inc.

Novel bio-therapeutics for the treatment of cancer: Turnstone Biologics extends the boundaries of the emerging field of cancer immunotherapy.

Turnstone Biologics Inc.Turnstone Biologics Inc.

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