Our strategic partner: Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)

OICR is a collaborative not-for-profit research institute focused on accelerating the translation of new cancer research discoveries to patients around the world while maximizing the economic benefit of this research for the people of Ontario.

Uniquely Integrated and Collaborative Approach

OICR is headquartered in downtown Toronto, home to Canada’s largest concentration of scientific research and one of the top three bioscience clusters in North America. OICR supports a network of more than 1,700 researchers, clinician scientists, research staff and trainees across Ontario, whose expertise includes drug discovery, molecular pathology, diagnostic development, imaging, genomics/functional genomics, immunotherapy, computational biology and informatics.


OICR’s inter-institutional research collaborations link multiple disciplines, focusing on accelerating the development of much needed solutions in areas such as acute leukemia, brain cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, immuno-oncology, and early prostate cancer.

National & International Leadership

OICR is a founder and leader of several large networks across Ontario and Canada that help to facilitate cancer research. These networks include efforts to enhance clinical genomics and molecular pathology, as well as to streamline multi-centre clinical trials. It also includes one of Canada’s largest long-term population health studies. Internationally, OICR plays a leadership role in initiatives that are accelerating the adoption of precision medicine.

OICR + FACIT = Partner-ready oncology innovations

OICR focuses on promising, high-quality oncology innovations, drawing on its access to hospitals, patients and networks of experts. FACIT brings understanding of the market, professional management, investor connections and experience in driving breakthrough technologies forward. Together, FACIT and OICR accelerate the development of de-risked, partner-ready clinical assets that have the greatest potential for creating patient impact.


For more information on OICR, including collaborative opportunities, visit www.oicr.on.ca.