Your innovations should have a chance to make a difference

One barrier to the successful commercialization of innovations arising from Ontario’s life sciences sector is the scarcity of funding to advance breakthroughs with market potential. FACIT makes it possible for Ontario’s best cancer research discoveries to compete globally and reach patients.

Prospects Oncology Fund.  Click for more info.

Prospects Oncology Fund

FACIT’s Prospects Fund is designed to support early stage proof-of-concept (POC) studies within Ontario academic institutions and start-ups that fit with FACIT’s Ontario First investment strategy and have the potential to act as deal flow for the Compass Rose Fund. Prospects funding ranges between $50,000 and $200,000.

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Compass Rose Oncology Fund.  Click for more info.

Compass Rose Oncology Fund

FACIT’s Compass Rose Fund helps Ontario’s cancer research innovators, arising from both public and private sectors, realize the commercial possibilities of their inventions by supporting early stage development projects. The Compass Rose Fund anchors and scales biotechs and attracts investment to Ontario, supporting the province’s competitive position as a destination for biotechnology.

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Falcons' Fortunes Pitch Competition.  Click for more info.

Falcons’ Fortunes

Falcons’ Fortunes is Canada’s only pitch competition targeting cancer innovations. FACIT invites entrepreneurs and scientists to pitch their Ontario-made cancer innovation for a chance to win the $100,000 Ernsting Entrepreneurship Award.

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“The seed and follow-on capital investment from FACIT and the support on the Board of Directors were critically important to Fusion ultimately getting financed and its lead molecule reaching patients in our first clinical trial.”

Dr. John Valliant, CEO of Fusion Pharmaceuticals

“With help from OICR and FACIT together we have been able to achieve commercial success for our research far beyond what we could have done without a big picture, collaborative approach”

Dr. John Bell, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute scientist and Co-Founder, Turnstone Biologics (2020)