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FACIT Features: OICR leads international team to generate world’s most comprehensive cancer genome map

FACIT congratulates its strategic partner, OICR, on its leading role in completing an unprecedented, multi-institutional study of whole cancer genomes, spanning 10 years.

The output from this global study vastly improves the fundamental understanding of cancer and will provide guidance and new directions for its diagnosis and treatment.

FACIT Announces Artificial Intelligence pitch as Winner of 2020 Falcons’ Fortunes on World Cancer Day

Annual cancer-focused competition showcases Ontario’s emerging entrepreneurs and FACIT’s commitment to drive local value from intellectual property

The winning pitch was delivered by Mr. Meir Dick of Bridge7 Oncology. This local start-up is scaling clinical expertise with AI to automate and improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of delivering cancer care.

FACIT announces follow-on investments in Xpan Inc. and Nanology Labs through Compass Rose Fund

Prospects proof-of-concept funding elevates Ontario companies to seed stage investment

Spun out of the University of Toronto, both start-ups have previously received funding through FACIT’s proof-of-concept Prospects Fund. 

FACIT Features: Fusion Pharma Attracts $20M USD Commitment from Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

FACIT congratulates Fusion Pharma on securing additional investment from CPPIB, adding to the $105M USD Series B announced in April 2019.

The financing enables the company to continue leveraging strong Ontario science, as well as develop manufacturing and local career opportunities for scientists and trainees... 

FACIT Features: Turnstone Biologics Partners with Takeda on viral immunotherapies for cancer

FACIT congratulates Turnstone Biologics, a startup co-founded by FACIT, and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited on their global collaboration and license agreement.

The strategic collaboration will focus on developing multiple products from Turnstone’s next-gen oncolytic viral immunotherapies, marking an important alliance for both companies in the fight against cancer. 

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