In the Business of Breakthroughs

As the gateway to Ontario’s cancer research pipeline, we’re accelerating the development of innovative cancer therapies in the province by building partnerships and leveraging our relationships with stakeholders in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

Our investment partners gain access to outstanding science and the most promising early stage development opportunities in a variety of areas such as new technology, therapeutics, imaging and diagnostics. As commercial cancer research experts, we identify discoveries that have the greatest potential for commercialization, thus enabling investors to reduce the risks associated with early participation.


FACIT is the gateway to partnering with The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). More broadly, FACIT cultivates an industry-academic network for emerging commercial oncology assets in Ontario. Venture investors, pharmaceutical and technology companies and academic collaborators work closely with FACIT to identify collaboration, licensing and new commercial venture opportunities. Ontario’s commitment to breakthrough cancer research makes it an ideal location for early stage venture investment.

Why Partner with OICR and FACIT

OICR is accelerating the development of innovative cancer therapies in Ontario and through FACIT builds partnerships with the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. FACIT offers its partners access to:


science and early development opportunities in areas ranging from imaging to therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics;


in imaging, genomics and high-throughput screening, cancer stem cells, novel target identification, therapeutics, transformative pathology, informatics, and medicinal chemistry;


early stage business models that share risk and outcomes in a variable cost way for partners;


clinical trials expertise and resources.

In collaboration with Ontario’s cancer centres, research institutes, academic institutions and community hospitals, OICR and FACIT are helping to build a stronger, more efficient cancer research system capable of streamlining the translation of high-quality research from lab to bedside.

FACIT Portfolio Assets

FACIT investee companies and OICR-related technologies in imaging, diagnostics and biomarkers as well as therapeutics are at all stages of development, from target validation to preclinical and clinical development. Included among the diverse portfolio of opportunities in the FACIT network are Compass Rose partner companies and projects, some of which we work closely with.


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