FACIT Features: Portfolio company KA Imaging launches first-in-human pilot study to test lung screening x-ray

FACIT congratulates portfolio company KA Imaging on significant clinical development milestone.

November 12, 2018 – We are pleased to offer our congratulations to KA Imaging, a recent Prospects Fund recipient, on the initiation of their first-in-human trial investigating the use of their high-resolution multi-energy digital x-ray in patients with lung nodules. The pilot study is in partnership with Grand River Hospital of Kitchener, Ontario.

Read the news release here.

About KA Imaging:

KA Imaging of Kitchener, Ontario is developing a digital panel that improves the quality and accuracy of chest X-rays by creating multi-spectral (sometimes called dual-energy) X-ray images. KA Imaging’s dual-energy chest X-ray panel will use different X-ray energies to highlight different structures, such as bone versus soft tissue, without motion artifacts. This promises better detection and visualization of lung tumours than conventional X-ray imaging, and at much lower radiation doses than CT scans which are known to increase cancer risk. KA Imaging’s chest X-ray panel is designed to retrofit into existing systems, thereby reducing cost and expanding the availability of dual-energy imaging for lung cancer screening.


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