Healthcare Software Start-Up Ziliomics Financed by FACIT

World-leading genomics cloud computing group builds clinical tool for cancer care in Ontario

TORONTO, ON (June 27, 2018) – Ziliomics Inc., a start-up created by FACIT, received seed financing from the Prospects Oncology Fund. Derived from a leading oncology bio-computing group and leveraging insights from the world’s largest cancer genomics projects, Ziliomics develops web-based, modular software platforms that help physicians make actionable treatment decisions for patients living with cancer. Together with FACIT’s interim executive management model, the capital advances the development of Heliotrope, Ziliomics’ lead software product, and positions the company for corporate partnerships and additional financing. Financing terms were not disclosed.

The Heliotrope platform was conceptualized and initially developed by a globally recognized team of informatics and genomics experts at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), an international nexus for cancer genomics research and FACIT’s strategic partner. Recognizing the growing impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare, FACIT established Ziliomics to manage the development and commercialization of Heliotrope and other bioinformatics software tools at the leading interface of healthcare and computing. Heliotrope uniquely combines machine-led, human verification processes to facilitate the interpretation of large volumes of genomic sequencing data in both an automated and authenticated manner.

“Since the human genome project, OICR has been a central player in the genomics revolution of healthcare and a well-respected leader in cancer research,” said David O’Neill, President of FACIT. “Our investment leverages years of evolving expertise that culminated in this exciting genomics intelligence tool called Heliotrope. Ziliomics aligns with FACIT’s strategy to accelerate early-stage oncology innovations in Ontario.”

Lincoln Stein, Head of Adaptive Oncology at OICR remarked “The Heliotrope platform addresses an unmet need faced by clinicians to make sense of the massive amounts of cancer genomic data in a way that improves treatment decisions. Heliotrope’s value was recently affirmed by real-world testing in an Ontario-based clinical genomics laboratory, and represents a major milestone in translating genomic research innovations to benefit patients.”

“With this financing, and our continued partnership with the Adaptive Oncology team at OICR, Heliotrope is moving closer toward becoming a commercial software product. The modular architecture enables implementation in cloud-based infrastructure by any clinical genomics lab, allowing widespread adoption,” said Connie Chen, President and Director of Ziliomics. “FACIT’s start-up and financing models ensure Ziliomics has the optimal path for corporate growth whether through additional investment or strategic partnerships.”

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About Ziliomics
Ziliomics is developing and commercializing a bioinformatics software platform that enables informed and actionable clinical decision by facilitating the interpretation and translation of tumor genomic sequencing data using comprehensive databases. Established by FACIT, Ziliomics’ lead product, Heliotrope, arises from research and development originating at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

David Koehler, PhD
Director, Fund Operations, FACIT

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