Opportunity for Ontario Cancer Researchers to vie for the $100,000 “Ernsting Entrepreneurship Award”

Hosted by FACIT, the annual Falcons’ Fortunes pitch competition invites Ontario-based entrepreneurs working in the oncology space to pitch innovative research ideas to an external panel of judges.

While the research idea must be novel and sound (and is subject to further due diligence after the event), the competition is for the best pitch i.e. the presentation that best convinces the investor judging panel on the value of the idea and how $100,000 would improve and/or better illustrate the potential, and if possible commercial, value of the innovative idea itself.

The Falcons’ Fortunes event endeavours to enhance, support and celebrate a culture of commercialization in Ontario, such as the cultivation of skill sets that enable ideas to be successfully pitched to investors and promotion of entrepreneurial spirit.

“Thank you so much and the whole FACIT team, along with the judges, for organizing such a fantastic event. Every pitch was unique and very impactful, and I felt they all deserve to win. I am honoured and ecstatic to receive this award…. I am so proud to be a Canadian citizen (since 2012) living in Ontario. The support and the environment for innovation are amazing, so thank you and FACIT for this opportunity. It is a dream come true for me.”

Run Ze Gao, Co-founder of Air Microfluidic Systems Inc, 2021 Falcons’ Fortunes Winner

The next call to participate will be issued in late 2023.


Ontario-based academic researchers and start-ups with a cancer-related research idea or innovation.


Selected participants will give 10-minute pitch presentations to the panel of investors, followed by 5-minutes of Q&A. The objective is to share your big picture idea and convince the panel that an investment of Prospects funding will contribute to moving the idea forward. The pitch should tell a story and highlight (at minimum): 

  • The research idea and associated technology (what is it, what does it do)
  • The need or issue addressed (what is the problem)
  • The target audience/customer (addressable market)
  • What the investment will do to advance the idea (use of proceeds) 
  • Commercial relevance of project (why is it commercially suited/important)
  • Any supporting data or relevant demo

Other additional considerations for the presentation (i.e. preparation for the Q&A) include an understanding of the market potential, IP position or challenges, and what areas of expertise are being sought that members of the investment panel may possess and could provide.

Support Available: 

The FACIT team will provide pitch preparation resources leading up to the event.


    For more details about the competition, contact us for more information.

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    Naming of the Ernsting Entrepreneurship Award

    In 2016, the Falcons’ Fortunes prize was named the “Ernsting Entrepreneurship Award” in honour of Dr. Mark Ernsting, Senior Biomedical Engineer at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research whose life was tragically cut short in December 2015. Mark exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit that FACIT strives to build and support within Ontario.